Beautiful and Uniquely-Shaped Orchid Flowers
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Beautiful and Uniquely-Shaped Orchid Flowers

There are several colorful orchid flowers and there are also uniquely-shaped orchid flowers. In flower arrangement, orchids are among the most popular.

Orchids are among the most popular garden plants in the world. There are plenty of beautiful species of orchids. There are several colorful orchid flowers and there are also uniquely-shaped orchid flowers. In flower arrangement, orchids are among the most popular.

Here are the weirdest and freakiest orchid flowers in the world.

1.) Bulbophylum putidum

Image Source

Do you still recall your Biology subject? How about your lessons in anatomy? What does anatomy has to do with this weird-looking orchid flower? Well, this Bulbophyllum putidum orchid resembles a frog. It could be also a woman.

2.) Bulbophylum echinolabium

Image Source

How about this orchid flower? What does it look like to you? Will you agree with me if I will say that the Bulbophyllum echinolabium looks like a ‘star’?

3.) Bulbophyllum pectenveneris

Image Source

Bulbophyllum species of orchids have the most peculiar appearance among other orchid species. They are not just uniquely-shaped but they are colorful as well just like the Bulbophyllum pectenveneris. This vibrant flower looks unique for its unusual shape.

4.) Barkeria spectabilis

Image Source

The Barkeria spectabilis is simply beautiful. Not so complex in appearance but it surely deserves a look and a compliment.

5.) Warmingia eugenii

Image Source

Does it look like a frozen flower? Or an albino orchid flower? This peculiar-looking flower belongs to the Warmingia eugenii. It is a species of orchid that belongs to the Epidendroideae subfamily.

6.) Gireoud's Brassia (Brassia gireoudiana)

Image Source

This uniquely-shaped orchid flower was photographed at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, USA. This orchid species is named Brassia gireoudiana or commonly called Gireoud's Brassia.

7.) Calanthe triplicata

Image Source

Another lovely and unique-looking orchid is the Calanthe triplicata. Were you able to figure out what this orchid flower looks like? Is it a bird, a human or a butterfly?

8.) Brassia maculata

Image Source

Like Bulbophyllum species, flowers of Brassia species are also colorful and uniquely-shaped. This orchid looks unique for its elongated and slender petals.

9.) Medusa's Bulbophyllum (Bulbophyllum medusae)

Image Source

The peculiar-looking Medusa’s Bulbophyllum is named after Gorgon Medusa of Greek mythology because the long lateral sepals of its flowers looks like snakes that formed Medusa's hair. This species can be found in Borneo, Malaysia and Thailand. The flowers of Medusa’s Bulbophyllum have strong fragrance.

10.) Warty Brassia (Brassia verrucosa)

Image Source

Warty Brassia is a species of orchid with uniquely-shaped flowers. This plant belongs to the Orchidaceae. The flowers of Warty Brassia are similar in appearance to the Gireoud's Brassia.

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Comments (3)

These are another great collections. Thanks!

A priceless collection, kabayan. You probably wandered through deep forests to take images of these.

These are the most unique orchids I've ever seen. They are beautiful.